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The United, Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple
and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta
in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

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The Jerusalem Cross Preceptory No 571

Registrar: E.Kt. Stephen Ernest Childs

Officers at Inst. September 2016
E.Kt. Mark BolingbrokeEminent Preceptor
Kt Paul GoslingFirst Constable
Kt Steven Roy DavisSecond Constable
E.Kt. Paul Jeremy Donnington ReedChaplain
E.Kt. Graham WilliamsTreasurer
E.Kt. Stephen Ernest ChildsRegistrar
E.Kt. Tom Anthony AdamsMarshal
E.Kt. Timothy John WheelerDeputy Marshal
E.Kt Herbert Harry Frederick EacottAlmoner
Kt Andrew ChilmaidFirst Herald
Kt Steve EarlSecond Herald
Kt. Adrian FryStandard Bearer(B.)
Kt. Sid LaneStandard Bearer(V.B.)
Kt.Richard SlymanyBanner Bearer
Kt. Les VickeryCaptain of Guards
E.Kt. Robert CarterGuard
E.Kt. William Thomas John PartridgeIPP


Short history of Jerusalem Cross Preceptory No.571
1991 - 2016

It was during 1989/90 thoughts given to new Preceptory by RE Prov Prior at that time, Peter Cheney, as there was no other venues between Brighton and Eastbourne and Peacehaven being a fine, well attended Masonic temple was selected.

A Committee was formed, headed by Very Eminent Kt Mellowdew Marshall, Past Gt Herald, who was personally chosen by Peter. There were 19 members in all including - Kts Robin Durant, Bob Callon, Mike Walls and lan Dingwall, who went on to attain the rank of Sussex Asst. Provincial Prior, these four Kts, at the time of writing this history, are the last surviving Founders, Robin & Bob are still currently members of the Preceptory. There were names to be remembered like Kts: Les Varrall, Peter Wallis, Ray Button, David Shepard, Bill Bounds and Hubert Small, all now sadly missed.

The first task was to select a name for the new Preceptory and a competition was arranged among the committee. The winner was Kt. Ian Dingwall who suggested it to be "Jerusalem Cross" this was agreed to be an excellent and meaningfull choice.

On investigating the original Jerusalem Cross's design we agreed to adopt it to be ours, to be on our Altar and Banner, an explanation of our Cross will come later.

All the committee chipped in for funds to buy the unique equipment needed and had to beg, borrow or steal some of the other fixtures and fittings.
The Banner designed by Kt. Robin Durant , the manufacturing cost donated by Founders, Both of the Bibles, Belt & Spurs were supplied by him.
The beatiful Wooden Crosses were made and donated by Kt.Ken Medhurst, who was a Cabinet maker - Table, Candle Sticks were also made by Ken.
The Sepulchar cover purchased, Altar was made, Shield, Helmet, Breastplate courtesy of Lewes Prison, explanation - Kt. Les Varrall was empoyed by Lewes Prison in charge of the workshop, unknowingly to the inmates he got them to manufacture the three items as an " exercise in metal work" as he called it.
The Skull & Cross Bones were supplied by Kt. lan Dingwall, no one asked him where it got them from, to this day only he knows the answer!

The Silver Challis presented by RE.Kt. Peter Cheney at the Consecration meeting.
Peter Cheney invited Very Eminent Kt Mellowdew to be the first EP as he headed the founding committee and was the highest high ranking Knight with past experience, which proved to be an excellent choice.
The Concecration was on the 31 st October 1991 - 25 years ago and on the 1st July 1993 the Banner Dedication was held at a regular meeting.

At the Banner dedication the EP was at that time the second in line, E.Kt George Eastland, who was incidently the first Sussex Knight to take the chair.
Those attending the Banner dedication included the RE Prov. Prior, Peter Cheney, VE Kt. James Webster, Sub Prior, and E Kt Rev. Champneys Burnham, the Prelate who, at that meeting, gave a wonderful oration spoken with passion regarding our treasured Cross.
What better icon than that Cross could a Christian order such as ours chose to be on their Banner?

Robin Durant, now an E.Kt. was the second Sussex Kt. to serve as EP in 1993 with Kt. Ken Medhurst to follow him but unfortunately Ken was unable to attend after his installation due to falling ill so I therefore Robin carried another year, at the same time serving as EP of Thornton 208 Preceptory, this resulted in him installing 10 new Knights over that two year period, maybe a Sussex record?

Kt. Ken sadly died soon after falling ill, thus being unable to enjoy his well earned year in the chair as Preceptor, after all of the hugh contribution that he made in the setting up of the Preceptory, it was a very sad time for the Preceptory.
Jerusalem Cross, in the following years went from stength to stength with good influx of members such as E.Kt. Tan Rusby, who took on the office of Secretary for many years, working under considerable pressure and followed by E.Kt. Steve Childs who now at the current time of writing, is still carrying on that sterling work.
However Jerusalem Cross did go though a very bad period, like organisations such as this do from time to time, when due to the death of some of our active and beloved members and those who through reasons of their own were unable to attend, such as poor health, or moving to another district, we had to endure a few very difficult years, although the happineness and support of the members did not diminish in any way, we just struggled on enjoying the meetings and our company.
The Preceptory was saddened when our well loved Marshal E.Kt.Hubert Small died after a short period of illness, E.Kt. Robin Durant took over his office and due to the low membership he regularly had to invite friends of his from other Preceptories to help with an office or two. E.Kt. Tim Wheeler was one who was always willing to help at any time even though not being a member, he subsequently joined the Preceptory and he with E.Kt.Tom Adams currently carry out sterling work as Marshals.
Due to low membership, the subs had to be very high per capita but this did not deter members from remaining and supporting the Preceptory and thanks must go out to E.Kt Graham Williams our current Treasurer who kept us all afloat
As a founder of Jerusalem Cross I am now delighted to recognise that though the hard work, dedication and devotion of all who love this Order, the membership is now very healthy, as it should be in this fine Preceptory, there are currently new candidates wanting to join us and trust this will continue, it is now in a very strong and well deserved position once again.

Oration given by E.Kt. Rev. Champneys Burnham
Jerusalem Cross Banner dedication 1st July 1993, Peacehaven

Knights to be Jerusalem Cross Preceptory No. 571, ever before your eyes and at the very heart of your Preceptory's working, you will have this magnificent Cross which hold pride of place on your alter. Such a symbol was worn by every Crusader King of Jerusalem. It was called the Cross of the Kingdom and is hung in the Franciscan Vestry at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher under the Place of Calvary, within a few feet of the Holy Tomb itself.
The original cross was made of gold. The cross itself calls to mind the sacrifice of the Anointed King for his people.
At the center there glowed a deep red carbuncle, this stone symbolizing not only the divine blood poured out in sacrifice but the very heart of a loving God making an atonement for his children.
The Jerusalem Cross has four cruciform arms, each represents a wound of the crucified Saviour. His feet were nailed, so perforce he must use ours to carry out his mission and messages. His hands were nailed, he therefore depends on our to do his work, to heal, to comfort and by our active passion, to bless. The fifth would was in his side. As it is said, the deep red stone can we be said to represent the Sacred Heart of love stilled for a time on the cross.

Founder members & First Officers

E Preceptor - VE. E.Kt. R.C.Mellowdew Marshall P.Gt Reg
Chaplain - E.Kt. WT Bounds B.E.M.
1 Constable - E.Kt. HWR Eastland P.Prov.Capt. Gds
2 Constable - Kt. R.Durant
Treasurer - E.Kt. KH Cook
Registrar - Kt. LDingwall
Marshal - E.Kt. LJ Varrall, Prov. 1st Con
Dep. Marshal - E.Kt. RH Button P.Prov. 2nd Her ( Surrey)
Almoner - E.Kt MD Wales Prov BB
1 Herald - Kt.KL Medhurst
2 Herald - Kt. BG Nye
SB (B) - Kt. H Small
SB (V.B.) - Kt. JW McDonnel
IPP (Acting) - E.KT. PA Wallis
Others VE Kt W Jarvis, E Kt KW Barber, Kts MT Thorn, RE Pellet.